A totally new concept: music made especially for the car that's NOT just booming bass notes!

Several key magazines and distributors in the Car Audio field have approached Hermosa Records with the concept of creating a label that will produce CDs especially for the car envirinment, for those consumers who don't neccessarily want to hear the basic "Bass-n-Drum" pounding synth records usually associated with Car Audio. The reasoning is: many car audio enthusiasts are actually interested in Music, not just Booming down the street.

The car is the PERFECT place to enjoy music, as many top recording engineers and producers will attest. Most pro studio guys do their best listening in their cars, with powerful multi-amped systems to reproduce the highs, mids and lows seperately. The car is actually a perfect enclosed listening environment, a capsule or sound stage, with very few reflective surfaces to distract from the pure audio signal. If you've never heard your favorite recording played through a big Car Audio sound system, you haven't LIVED!

Traffic Jam Records begins this adventure with a car audio Tester and Demo CD. The first 20 cuts are actually test sounds to show-off or test your Car Audio system. There are giant kick drums, bass notes and guitar chords, along with vocal phrases, keyboard synth tones and snippets of music. Then there are ten whole songs, mostly instumentals, which are tracks of music played by top LA session players and gigging club bands. These tracks were selected specifically for their ability to make car stereos sound great, you can hear the punchy bass notes, the sizzling cymbal definition, the guitar and sax solos that make the car the sweetest spot for music listening. FINALLY... a car audio record label run by musicians!

Along with providing the music, Traffic Jam Records provides the professional installation advice- helpful in attaining the best car audio system for the money. Link to MusicSupermarket here to shop for car audio gear.We know the acknowledged experts, and we have distilled their knowledge down into easy-to-grasp tips for the beginning car audio enthusiast. This tip sheet alone could save you thousands of dollars!


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