Big Jerks: topics and observations on CDs

500 jams  (disc 132)
911  (disc 63)

Abalone Lounge  (disc 154)
Advertising: Adman  (disc 135)
Aggressive chump: Whatryoulookin at?  (disc 26)
Air travel boredom?  (disc 183)
Al Gore loserman (disc 001)
All Rise in a Bagdad court  (disc 144)
Alley Oops in the NBA (disc 07)
America's Fall  (disc 32)
Angry Bum  (disc 45)
April Fool's prank gone bad (disc 49)
Arachnophobia (old set list- disc 50)
Arriving ahead of schedule (disc 49)
As Seen on TV (disc 73)
Audio over compression (disc 153)
Australia: Welcome to the Bush  (disc 109)
AVP  (disc 148)

Baby Boomers sins/greed (disc 177)
Baby Cries  (disc 116)
Bagpipers (disc 177)
Ballad of Brian Sisson   (disc 175)
Ban the music Sharia Law (disc 76)
Band is too loud (disc 20)
Bath Salt murders  (disc 179)
Be gentle with the toilet handle (disc 20)
Beach Living: Primitive Discomforts  (disc 135)
Bears know trash day  (disc 139)
Befriending a stripper  (disc 27)
Being a clone boy (old set list- disc 50)
Being an illegal alien (old set list- disc 50)
Belief vs. Doubt (disc 165)
Beltway Snipers  (disc 78)
Bernie Madoff: Ponzi Scheme  (disc 163)
Bhurkas  (disc 113)
Big Big Trouble  (disc 83)
Big Foot hoax? (disc 158) not for sale (disc 165)
Bipolar  (disc 147)
Bipolar Nation  (disc 153)
Black and white films (disc 148)
Black Church Thing  (disc 154)
Born too late to party like that (disc 180)
Bow Flex Girl  (disc 132)
Boy From Mars  (disc 141)
Boys will be boys (disc 85)
Breeding Population  (disc 145)
Bridge is out (disc 100)
Broken heart: She Loves Me Not  (disc 76)
Bugs Crutchfield
Bullet in My Leg  (disc 147)
Bullfights (disc 173)
Bum Dumping controversy  (disc 132)
Bus driver: Sit Your Ass Down  (disc 159)

Call girl scandal 2008: Client#9 (disc 154)
Call of Duty  (disc 107)
Calling You Out  (disc 156)
Can’t come out to play (disc 15)
Captain Beefhart    (disc 175)
Car Back  (disc 169)
Car fire on the freeway (disc 49)
Car wreck in Pacifica CA (disc 95)
Career choices: You Really Wanna Be?  (disc 114)
Cartoon Jihad in the news  (disc 134)
Catalina crows (disc 108)
Catholic nuns (disc 88)
Celebrate the Past   (disc 178)
Chandra Levy  (disc 146)
Change the TV channel (disc136)
Chaos generator (disc 77)
Cheap Strat (disc 109)
Christmas music fatigue (disc 59)
Christmas songs re-imagined   (disc 64)
Christmas spent in Kandahar (disc 94)
Church Bingo (disc 95)
Cinco de Mayo (disc 92)
City Hawk   (disc 178)
Civic Pride in L.A.: Screw You Dude    (disc 176)
Civilization: the battle (disc 91)
Clever Chess Move  (disc 156)
Climate change: Allabunchacrap (disc 160)
Clueless parent: ReTodd (disc 93)
Cog in the Wheel (alienation) (disc 155)
Cold War Kids    (disc 176)
Columbia Shuttle breaks apart in sky  (disc 97)
Comfort Food   (disc 178)
Computer problems in life  (disc 132)
Conformity   (disc 175)
Conspiracy  (disc 116)
Conspiracy Man  (disc 85)
Constant Comment  (disc 143)
Convenience markets: Milk Go Bad (disc 47)
Cosmetic surgery: Vanity Business  (disc 147)
Cost/Benefit analysis  (disc 93)
Crackpot eccentric in the neighborhood (disc 174)
Creative accomplishment  (disc 109)
Crows are smart! (disc 49)
Crusade War on Terror?  (disc 93)
Cub Scouts (disc 22)
Cutlass Supreme (disc 81)

daring the Powers that Be: Invocation (disc 46)
Dark planet  (disc 27)
Dave Olin  (disc 45)
David's Bridal
Days Like This (disc 172)
Deep Space discoveries: New Cosmos (disc 33)
Desperate Little Sluts  (disc 137)
Dial 9 to get out  (disc 140)
Different Times   (disc 170)
Digital cameras: Moment is Lost (disc 127)
DOI (disc 86)
Dominguez family (disc 71)
Doncha Think?  (disc 147)
Driving through the desert : 70mph (disc 23)
Du-rag: In Gardena (disc 82)
Due Process  (disc 112)

Earning or Burning money?  (disc 93)
Eating too much chicken (disc 137)
Eccentric bachelor uncle: Abalone Ashtrays (disc 81)
Egg tooth  (disc 154)
El Nino wither pattern (disc 20)
Electronic gadgets: Where are you now? (disc 79)
Elsinore CA (disc 30)
Email  (disc 148)
Emergency Broadcast System radio warning  (disc 123)
Emperor's Club  (disc 154)
End of the World (disc 08)
End Times  (disc 113)
Escalade  (disc 131)
Escaped Camin Gator (disc 146)
Every Night This Week, Jerks history  (disc 183)
Everybody's Game Now    (disc 176)
Everyday miracles  (disc 183)
Exploding house in Torrance: 3footpile (disc 72)

Fall in love across the room  (disc 26)
Fall of the American empire (disc 47)
Farmers Market: 4 pounds beans  (disc 122)
Fiesta de la Artes (disc 155)
Figuring people out (disc 33)
Finger in the chili hoax (disc 128)
Firearm purchase:Shotgun (disc 162)
Fireworks sales  (disc 98)
First pot party (disc 79)
Floppy drive vs. hard drive (disc 29)
Flyin' J truckers haven  (disc 120)
Flying dream  (disc 142)
Folding the Flag(disc 173)
Freedom and new jazz (disc 74)
Freeway road rage: Softball Head  (disc 23)
Fresno: Marcus killed family (disc 116)
Friday Bingo  (disc 83)
Full Measure of Devotion   (disc 172)
Future discovery at desert dig  (disc 113)

Gallery Fire in Manhattan  (disc 143)
Gene Leis  (disc 159)
Genetics (disc 71)
Geopolitics  (disc 91)
George W Bush retired (disc 162)
Get out the vote campaign (disc 05)
Get Over It  (disc 97)
Giant Squid  (disc 148)
Girlfriend on Display (disc 105, club set list)
Give boats to them  (disc 128)
Give It Up  (disc 144)
Global Warming: Allabunchacrap  (disc 160)
Good and Evil (god&devil) (disc 174)
Good News/Bad News  (disc 134)
Google Search (disc 173)
Governor Arnold (disc 107)
Grandchildren  (disc 148)
Greatest Rock Band (disc 135)
Grow up  (disc 67)
Growing old and judgmental (disc 48)
Growing up in 1970   (disc 184)
Guilty hangovers (disc 27)
Guilty income  (disc 67)
Guilty plea with God (disc 03)
Guitar playing: the Wire  (disc 145)

Hair Rock is comin back!  (disc 123)
Hand of God at work  (disc 125)
Happy outdoor dog people(disc 74)
Harmonic proclivities: Mr Grossman  (disc 122)
Hawks in the city   (disc 178)
Hawthorne California (disc 140)
He said/she said  (disc 114)
Hems Truck: Simple Times  (disc 156)
Hermosa white elephant center: Same Old Place  (disc 131)
Highway 15 (disc 119)
Highway One  (disc 127)
Hitting a dead dog on a moped (disc136)
Hollywood celebs: Sucks to be You (disc 94)
Hookup regrets: Hairy Larry  (disc 139)
Hoping for a peaceful New Year  (disc 133)
Hot rock songs (disc 77)
Hot Seat  (disc 75)
Hot winter day (disc 22)
How 911 changed everything (disc 70)
Hugo Chavez  (disc 140)
Humpback whale songs  (disc 29)
Hurricane Charley (disc 124)
Hurricane Katrina (disc 131)
Hypochondriac America  (disc 146)

I Had Enough  (disc 162)
Ice Cream Social Band (disc 129)
Industrial North Las Vegas  (disc 119)
Industrial welding  (disc 137)
Inquisitive man on hip hop: Bob  (disc 124)
Ironworkers on skyscrapers (disc 71)
Israeli Tourism Board (Over Jordon) (disc 49)
It's a Wonder (we're still alive) (disc 149)
It's Just Business  (disc 135)

Jaco Pastorius (disc 07)
Jamming at gigs: Plz No Jamming  (disc 155)
Jerks Dogs (disc 171)
Jerks history: We Sang About It  (disc 170)
Jerks together 20 years 2002  (disc 70)
Jerks visit Las Vegas  (disc 120)
Jesus would say it: Get Over It (disc 97)
Jet crash aftermath near LAX: Pieces (disc 22)
Job Site observations(disc 77)
Joe Jelick the curmudgeon (disc 177)
 jumping off the pier (disc 03)
Junkyard bum (disc 49)

Kaddafi politics (disc 177)
Karl childhood #1 (disc 88)
Karl story: Tickets and Toilets (disc 83)
Kelley Preach (disc 14)
Kelley Preach memorial jam  (disc 184)
Kennedy Assassination: Dealy Plaza  (disc 183)
Kids Don't Care (old movies)    (disc 176)

L.A. traffic: Sea of Red Lights (disc 130)
La-Z-Boy chairs  (disc 133)
Laughing happy faces (disc 26)
Leap Day (disc 115)
Libertarian approach (I don't care) (disc 58)
Life o'Reilly   (disc 50)
Lingering Flu  (disc 127)
Little moments of genius (disc 14)
Live It, don't Watch It  (disc 112)
Live music protocol: I Play You Listen (disc 133)
Livin in America (disc 156)
Livin on easy street, can go wrong (disc 59)
Living in Interesting Times (disc 94)
Living the good life (disc 23)

Mail stuck in box for 40 years  (disc 91)
Makin up the music (disc 59)
Male Enhancement ads (disc 125)
Man wedged into windshield News (disc 71)
Maria Rodriguez' blood controversy (disc 49)
Marriage: Honey?  (disc 25)
Mars Rovers: Scratch and Sniff  (disc 132)
Mass hypnosis: One Good Thing  (disc 160)
Memorial Day  (disc 146)
Merry Christmas  (disc 153)
Milk Weed Pod  (disc 145)
Minor and major key confusion  (disc 160)
Miracle on the Hudson: Some Say  (disc 162)
Mishap 911  (disc 113)
More to me than that (disc 77)
Mosquitoes  (disc 124)
Moth mascot returns (disc 159)
Motivation (disc 113)
Moves only kids make  (disc 93)
Music: the Bridge  (disc 120)
Musical freedom (disc 74)
Musical pioneers: Pave the Way (disc 12)
Musicians are assholes  (disc 132)
Musicians' envy  (disc 110)
My Advice (disc 179)
My Gut Feeling (disc 147)

Natalie Wood and William Holden deaths (disc 105)
Natasha  (disc 163)
Nate accidental shooting (disc 30)
Naughty Massage protocol (disc 45)
New Plantation (politics)  (disc 131)
New Way to Fly   (disc 170)
Nice cool place (disc 05)
Night pier jumping (disc 40)
No Stoppin Me Now  (disc 128)
North Korea politics (disc 180)
Nostradamus (disc 48)
NSA eavesdrops: Flag Words  (disc 179)
Numerology: 333  (disc 97)

Observation: chain link fence (disc 32)
Observation: Close Call  (disc 139)
Observation: in line at liquor store (disc 67)
Observation: O Gentlemens  (disc 149)
Observation: Secret place  (disc 126)
Observation: Sittin by Myself  (disc 131)
Observation: the traffic walk button (disc 63)
Observation: What is Age?  (disc 82)
Observations about a Bum : There But  I (disc 108)
Observations on a yard barbecue party (disc 47)
Obsession  (disc 132)
Obsessive collecting (old set list- disc 50)
OCD  (disc 153)
Octo Mom news (disc 167)
On the Box    (disc 176)
Only in America  (disc 159)
Operation Safe Haven: Baby Drop Off  (disc 73)
Our world (disc 22)
Out of Barstow  (disc 113)
Out to the movies (old set list- disc 50)
Over the counter drugs  (disc 146)
Own Goal death Olympics (disc 49)

Packing for Our Picnic  (disc 142)
Palm Readers  (disc 67)
Parenting: Tryin My Best  (disc 133)
Party Obligation  (disc 137)
Party Wave (disc 152)
Paseo Del Mar (disc 14)
Pentecost  (disc 63)
People are funny that way (disc 81)
People in your neighborhood (disc 49)
Performance Art    (disc 176)
Perpetual Motion Machine   (disc 175)
Pest extermination: Specialist  (disc 145)
Phil Ramone producer ( disc 180)
Pinocchio freeway maneuver  (disc 124)
Pitcher House bar in Hermosa (disc 15)
Play Like We Taught You  (disc 171)
Playing casuals: the High Sign (disc 49)
Playing Macarena yet again (disc 100)
Playing trumpet (disc 23)
Please Boys No Jamming  (disc 155)
plumber (disc 47)
Polarized society  (disc 131)
Police Chief Bratton (disc 79)
Polite Driving: You Go Ahead    (disc 175)
Political reversal: One of Them Now  (disc 147)
Politics: Are You HAPPY Now?  (disc 167)
Politics: I Told You So   (disc 170)
Politics: Joke About It  (disc 163)
Pornography (disc 25)
Posers: Faux Criminals  (disc 130)
Practicing gratitude  (disc 112)
Pretty Girl Riot news story (disc 163)
Primitive Discomforts  (disc 135)
Punk rock: Hermosa Heretic (disc 139)

Quarter of a Day added  (disc 115)

Radio Baptist preacher  (disc 125)
Rage Inside  (disc 144)
Raining kids in sports: Something Happens (disc 07)
Reaching for a mint at the wheel  (disc 26)
Reality Television: TV Voyeur   (disc 178)
recording in the red (disc136)
Red rocks near Las Vegas (disc 120)
Red Rover  (disc 145)
Reggie Gator's escape: Boss of You  (disc 148)
Regrets? Road Not Taken  (disc 26)
Remembering 1970: Pete, Andrew, Long Hair OPs  (disc 184)
Reverse Mortgages (disc 177)
Richard Rogers  (disc 127)
Ride out the storm (disc 08)
Riding in a limo (old set list- disc 50)
Ringing in My Head  (disc 145)
Road not taken  (disc 26)
Road Rage: IED  (disc 137)
Robot uprising  (disc 70)
Rock band from PV (disc 15)
Rodney King tribute (disc 179)
Ronald Reagan: The Gipper (disc 122)
Room full of idiots  (disc 122)
Rorschach Test   (disc 183)
Rubberneckers (disc 49)
Rudy Costa tribute (disc 180)
Runaway Bride  (disc 129)

Saddam in the spider hole (disc 112)
Samson Stover Engine Co. (disc 141)
Sand and Sandals  (disc 148)
Satellite spying (paranoia?) (disc 130)
Scrutiny (disc 165)
Sealed envelope  (disc 72)
Secrets (disc 76)
Security man's secret thoughts (disc136)
Seminar in Heaven  (disc 144)
Senate seat scandal 2008 (disc 160)
Seventies Coffee Table  (disc 82)
Sex tourism trade (disc 145)
Sexual Addiction  (disc 154)
Shag carpet  (disc 106)
Shedding Tool (disc 91)
Silent Farmer  (disc 134)
Simpler times  (disc 156)
Situational Awareness (disc 134)
Sixties and seventies: The Golden Age   (disc 178)
Sixties bachelor pad (disc 81)
Smell of pot and pussy  (disc 112)
Smile in Your Voice   (disc 175)
Smudgy underwear (disc 58)
Snake Belly Dancer  (disc 73)
Snake necklace dancer (disc 49)
Something Different  (disc 98)
Sonya and the gypsy scam (disc 60)
Soul of a white man (disc 49)
Sound of Metal in My Head  (disc 137)
Space alien blood? (disc 49)
Space trip probelms: Scientists are Busy (disc 49)
Sports asterisks: What Font?  (disc 139)
Sports importance: It's Just a Game  (disc 122)
Sports Star worship (disc 106)
Spring Break madness and trouble  (disc 92)
Spying on Americans: Flag Words  (disc 179)
squirt gun ambush (disc 47)
Star Trek episode: Brothers of Eden  (disc 153)
Steaming sidewalk crack jungle world (disc136)
Steve Howe pitcher (disc 95)
Store keepers (disc 174)
Street resurfacing: Green Machine (disc 159)
Stressful lifestyles  (disc 25)
Stubborn boarders: Black Cloth (disc 72)
Stuck in the 70s  (disc 135)
Sublime Nonsense (disc 98)
Superbowl halftime controversy 2004 (disc 114)
Surf trip (disc 59)
Surviving dooms day again (disc 46)
Sweat out those impurities  (disc 112)
Swimming in big chop: Dangerous  (disc 126)
Swimming over my head  (disc 140)
Sympathy  (disc 155)

Taking out the trash (old set list- disc 50)
Taliban (disc 30)
Television marketing  (disc 73)
Testing the mic: Hello There (disc 47)
Texting disaster on Metro train: Preoccupied  (disc 148)
Thanking returning soldiers: Thank You Man  (disc 127)
the Big Jerks   (disc 175)
the comfort threshold (old set list- disc 50)
The Dominator (disc 143)
the famous Bubble Boy (disc 05)
the happy moth in the studio (old set list- disc 50)
the President in 2000 (disc 59)
The Waking Dream  (disc 156)
Things I Will Not Miss  (disc 114)
Things stay the same (disc 100)
This is THAT day-o  (disc 155)
Thunder Run through Bagdad  (disc 92)
Titanic orchestra tribute: Never Stopped Playing (disc111)
Too Convenient  (disc 149)
Too Much Blabber  (disc 130)
Trajastrophy  (disc 171)
Trash Management  (disc 171)
Trek Master  (disc 155)
Tribute bands  (disc 146)
Trip hazard on Mark's above ground pool  (disc 110)
TV adventures (disc 95)
TV remote: Trust the Gadget (disc 132)
TV writers strike (disc 110)
Tweeners (disc 75)
Tweeners: The Golden Age   (disc 178)
Two Heads  (disc 148)

UFOs  (disc 119)
Uhura on Star Trek (disc 126)
Uncomfortable in a suit: Torture Suit (disc 123)
Uncomfortably Hot (disc 142)
Underpants  (disc 98)
United Nations (disc 94)

Vasectomy (disc 78)
Viagra  (disc 125)
Vote With Your Life  (disc 93)
Voting: You Can't Bitch  (disc 142)

Waco deaths (disc 49)
Walt Disney's empire: Walter's Rotting (disc 49)
Wandering Eyes  (disc 171)
Want old car back (old set list- disc 50)
War on Terror 2002 (disc 45)
Waste your life jamming? (disc 08)
Welcome Freshmen Dance  (disc 110)
Welfare State: Please Tell Me  (disc 72)
West Nile virus  (disc 124)
What everybody knows (disc 165)
What happened to jazz? (disc 74)
Where were you? (disc 106)
Whiners (old set list- disc 50)
Why So Mad  (disc 147)
Will Work for food?Junkyard Bum (disc 49)
Wipeout in 8 foot wave (disc 95)
Wisdom from Bums: Castle Walls (disc 144)
Won't Be Cowed   (disc 184)
Working at the airport tarmac (disc 88)
Wrong place at the wrong time (disc 108)

Youthful inquisitiveness: Mommy What's That?  (disc 75)
YouTube video Wars  (disc 179)