Michael Grange___The Grange/Music You Can't Refuse

on Dapper Deer Records, available through this web site.

Michael's newest CD features his great melodies and guitar playing on self-penned cuts like Applehead, Twitch, Twilight, Umbrella Man and the Baked Potato Blues. The music goes from Jeff Beck style fusion (Twitch) to Larry Carlton-quality ballads (Reel Pleasure) to screaming jazz rock. The CD opens and closes with nylon string with orchestra versions of Nino Rota (Godfather score) songs. A truly great California-style eclectic jazz mix from one of Los Angeles' best guitarists. Mike regularly plays to packed houses at some of the better clubs in Southern California like the Club Caprice and the Baked Potato.

He packs his bands and his CDs with some of the very best young jazz players in Los Angeles: Larry Klimas and Vince Denham on sax, Bob Harson and Bernie Dresel on drums, Brad Cummings and Mark Goldberg on bass, Chris Barron and Steve Weingart on keyboards and John Pickell on percussion. These guys are simply top tier players, and they get a chance to unwind on Mike's records, which makes for punchy, energetic music that sounds more human than most of todays over-produced new jazz discs.

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