Yes, Big Jerks play LONG jams. That's often the nature of improvised music.

We recognize this and so we have created small songs, trimmed out of the longer jams.

These are a more PALATABLE length of time and are designed to reveal

the Big Jerks improv rock concept and approach to music.

Some have improv lyrics, some are instrumental sections,

some are pretty and some are full of tension.

Feel free to download them (they are mp3s and will play on all your devices).

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Golden Age snip

Rodney King snip Cool Hand Luke snip
Doomsday Preppers snip Get Back to Me snip Good News Bad News snip
Healing to Begin snip It's Just a Game snip My Advice snip
Song Practice snip the Short Straw snip Those Baby Boomers snip
TV Voyeur snip Underpants snip YouTube Wars snip
Rubble snip Be Gentle snip Won't Be Cowed snip
End of the World snip Flag Words snip For Sale Seat snip
Got No Business snip Hermose Records demo LaZBoy snip
  Moment is Lost snip  

we have MUCH more to add, come back soon to hear and download more.