The Media Kitchen Project



  • 1) TRANSMISSION / Intuitive
  • 2) 2 BIT RIDE / Happy Rocket Man
  • 3) CHISELHEAD / Feet
  • 4) DYNAMO HUM / Hey Asshole
  • 5) PIMENTO / Kitchens
  • 6) GRAVY / Rags to Riches
  • 7) BIG LUCY / Bobby
  • 8) ZANE DRAKE / Galaxy
  • 9) FERVENT HUB / Curse Breaking
  • 10) HAPPY HOUR / Coyote
  • 11) GROOVE SUN REGALIA / Into the Sun
  • 13) EFN / Circle of Confusion
  • 14) PACHENKO / Tower of Inversness
  • 15) ROSEMARY'S BILLYGOAT / Time To Hate The Swiss

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The second compilation from Hermosa Records, this disc was created with the help of John Wyman, owner of Media Kitchen in Gardena, who assembled the bands and brought the final comp to Hermosa. Many thanks to John! The bands here are more in the hard core/spacey rock/alternative rock vein, all very creative and well played. This is the genuine stuff, from the bands that are playing the few clubs that will dare to host original music. The bands are mostly from the South Bay of L.A., Torrance, Redondo, Lomita, Gardena, Hermosa, El Segundo, Carson and a few from outside the area. This disc is a great primer on the LA club scene. You will be hearing about these bands! Many of these bands have huge potential, and- of course, Hermosa might not be the label that gets them there. The big boys might snatch em up. Maybe the bands will remember that Hermosa Records also recognized their potential... but couldn't afford to record and release their breakthrough album. I can live with that. My overiding concern is to bring overdue credit to these musicians.

- label pres Brian Sisson:

South Bay crowds are as fun to watch as the bands

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