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The site was created in 1996 as partial recompense for the work Bruno Blum and I did to create the 15-disc series, "The Complete Bob Marley and the Wailers: 1967 ­ 1972" for Danny Sims' revived JAD Records. In that early period of the internet, there were extravagant plans for this site, but my many other reggae-related activities prevented me from ever evolving it from the initial stages contained herein. Today, many other, widely encompassing sites are now available. In the interim, this page has been chiefly used by those searching for tapes of the "Reggae Beat" radio programs created by Hank Holmes and myself at KCRW, NPR's Santa Monica, California outlet from 1979 ­ 1987 (see them here).

I have been collecting all things reggae since 1973, which has lead to my wearing many hats as radio and tv broadcaster, writer, editor, lecturer, and photographer. I have been the chairman of the Reggae Grammy committee since its inception in 1984. As I write this in April of 2006, my international touring with a multi-media presentation called "The Life of Bob Marley" has included recent shows in Australia, England, Israel, Canada, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. Later this year I shall present these shows of all unreleased films and videos of Marley's life in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, and a return to Australia, plus New Zealand and Fiji, further evidence that Bob is the most truly universal figure in all of 20th century musical history, the ubiquitous "symbol of freedom" for a new generation of rebels. My Reggae Archives, which now fill six rooms of our home in Los Angeles, are poised to go to Jamaica to become the founding collection of the National Museum of Jamaican Music. For information about them, or for bookings for "The Life of Bob Marley" I can be contacted at ><.

For now, enjoy the various photographs by some of reggae's top lenspeople, and the various interviews wth reggae greats, and don't miss the Reggae Beat listings.

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