1) GOAL... The song about the notorious "own goal" mistake in the '84 Olympics that resulted in the player's murder at the hands of soccer fans. As the mob killed this poor guy, they would kick his head and yell GOAL! Sports fans, you gotta love 'em.

2) Junk Yard Bum...Karl and Brian enjoy some role-playing improv vocals on a song about a bum who balks at keeping the promise implied in his "will work for food" sign. More social commentary from the Jerks. Guitar solo by Brian.

3) Ahead of Schedule... Karl springs some great trumpet and vocal surprises on the group, with a very patient evolving groove...this one's perfect for sitting in traffic.

4) People in Your Neighborhood... in the Zappa tradition, a song about the various characters that might be in your neighborhood, Karl's imagination gets the better of him.

5) WACO#1... this is how the (originally 40 minute long ) jam starts out, with Karl on trumpet then guitar. You can tell that the music was headed for someplace serious. This was recorded two days before the fiery conclusion at the WACO standoff, an event that will be seen as a watershed moment.

6) Walter's Rotting... this chugging steamroller section is excised from a song about Walt Disney's once-benign but now-evil empire. The premise: Walt's rotting in his cryogenic chamber as his good name is destroyed by the mega-corporation he spawned.

7) Strand Livin... a cafe-jazz style guitar thing with a relaxed Hermosa Beach groove.

8) To Be Crushed... Karl intrigues the band with an observation about a crow picking at a dead rat.

9) WACO#2... the ending to the long jam, "the ATF, and the FBI! I Gotta bullet in my gut!" wild indeed.

10) The Bridge is Out... guest keyboardist Chuck Turner weighs in with some truly quirky piano here, with Karl putting the final touches on a story about a guy in the trunk of a car and a bridge that's out... ya gotta hear the thing to make sense of it.

11) Soul of a White Man...a great little muscular groove behind a story of a stubborn soul that invades Brians life at interesting moments.

12) Car Fire.. from another long (45 minute!) jam about the frustrations of driving Los Angeles freeways. Goddamn Rubberneckers!

13) 17... a seventeen second song about being seventeen. Karl's POV.

14) The High Sign... musicians who play casuals know the drill, when the event organizer gives you the high sign, you play the popular novelty song of the day. Oh, boys! Oh, boys!

15) April One...the end part of a scary song about a group of boys who took their pranks a little too far. The Karl Grossman guitar solo is enough to make you sleep with the light on.

16) Looked Over Jordon... Karl's fascinating take on the Isreal Tourism Board ad campaign takes the Big Jerks into dangerous territory.

17) Scientists Are Busy... a little tune about the delapidated Mir (Russian) space station. Those cosmonauts supected, at times, that there was no shuttle back home.\

18) What was in Her Blood?, the Maria Rodriguez story captured the sick imagination of the world. Karl gives voice to the conjecture.