HERMOSALOONY - an hour in hermosa beach

 This CD is from a live recording of a jam session at a little bar in Hermosa Beach on Pacific Coast Highway, recorded in December of 1998. The band plays in the classic tradition of club jazz, starting recognizable tunes, establishing the melody and then trading solos and pushing the limits of the sound... before landing back at the melody again. But this jazz is a little crazier than your dad's (or grandpa's) jazz, it ROCKS!

The tunes: Steppin Stone by the Monkees, Put it Where You Want It by the Crusaders, Mercy Mercy Mercy, Penetration (the Surf Classic) and even a snippet of Caravan by Duke Ellington, along with an all-improv tribute to a local shop owner- which is titled Frank Boccato. Truly inspired playing.

The musicians are top-notch players, the listening and ensemble interplay is sensitive, the mood is relaxed fun at a comfy local bar on a Friday night at a Beach town, with no cover charge, cold beer, good friends and HOT jamming. Now, how ya gonna beat THAT?


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