NEW! DOGS & HOGS / Gardena Barbecue

 Here's another great disc from Hermosa Records, recorded all in one day in 1998 at a backyard pool party/jam session/barbecue hosted by drummer Mark Baertschi of Big Jerks fame.

The music ranges from quiet jazz grooves to insane heavy metal... the title refers to the two places this CD was recorded: Barking Dog Studio ( Mark's garage) and Hog Heaven, both in Gardena. Hog Heaven is Hermosa Records' exclusive facility in the industrial section of town, that has a full PA and house drum kit with a 15,000 square foot room!

The music started at the barbecue party, and the music was so envigorating that the players took it to Hog Heaven to unleash the volume. The band was the nucleus of the Big Jerks (Brian, Karl and Mark) with guest bass player Dan Malouin. This all-improv disc is a perfect example of what can happen when good musicians gather in a relaxed suburban setting and get the urge to push the envelope. Everything contributed to the musical energy: the pool fight, the barbecue smoke, the girls making margaritas, the kids running around, the perfect Southern California summer weather and the vibe at Hog Heaven.

The song titles: Gardena Barbecue, Milk Go Bad, Hello There, Plumber, Empire and Ambush.

order # -HER-009


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