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We started with two compilation discs in order to prove that Hermosa Records has got its grubby mits on a shitload of good music. 34 bands on two separate discs coming out of the gate. An ambitious start to be sure. And not just any bands, these are hand picked for their energy, vision and honest approach. They werent chosen for their haircuts. These are bands we believe in , but for a million reasons haven't yet made it big. Some are too new, some are too old, some are too strange and some don't have any connections. Believe me, it's not easy to get your music heard.


The first disc features 20 cuts from 18 bands, and is called IN THE SAM HELL. It's an eclectic trip that will take you all over the musical map. Not for pussies or stubborn fans of any one genre.


The second disc is called MENTAL SLAM DANCE Vol. 1, and it's a whole different bag, featuring more rock stuff, from hard core punk to spacey Zappa style to Alternative Rock styles. Very Interesting stuff, compiled by John Wyman.


This music combined gives the listener a very good peek at the NEW Stuff, the brave stuff, being played in Los Angeles. Hermosa Records brings the HOT NEW MUSIC to the table. Partake of our feast 'til you burst.

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