Cliche OK live @ Sacred Grounds in San Pedro

 Recorded March 16, 1999, this disc is a great introduction to the band Cliche OK, featuring Jeff Remy on drums, Dave Moore on Bass, Chuck Turner on keyboards and Brian Sisson on guitar and vocals. This band plays mostly R&B, rock, pop and jazz tunes, recognizable ones, with a twist. In the classic jazz tradition, Cliche OK sets up the melody, takes rounds of solos, and recaps to the top. They also do all-improv tunes at each gig. A very tight ensemble, these guys have played together for years, and it shows. This particular recording shows a band in relaxed form, playing for a quiet coffee-house crowd at the renouned Sacred Grounds.

features: Steppin Stone, Put it Where You Want It, Not My Little Boy Anymore (original), Watermelon Man, MercyMercyMercy, Surf Tune #33 (original), Sleepwalk, and Freddy the Freeloader.

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