Chuck and the Morons

 Here is a live recording of an assemblage of South Bay musicians

playing a show at Doc's On the Rocks at the Redondo Beach King Harbor.

Recorded on one of Hermosa Records-sponsored 1998 Summer Big Wednesday improv nights, this disc is a snapshot of musical kinship and jamming over solid grooves. The disc features Chuck Turner, Brian Sisson, Bill Bowman, Phil Bunch, Franc Balloffet, and Kelly Preach.. playing upstairs at a club overlooking the harbor on a warm August night. This is not jazz in the old sense, but rock and reggae grooves in the jazz tradition of trading solos and experimentation. No real song structure here, just straight improvisation all through. The feeling is pure summertime in the South Bay, with some great solos and sensitive listening. Nothing fancy, just good music, ad libbed, played by good players.

Provides a clear window on the process of improv.

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