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 Hermosa Beach is a little beach suburb south of L.A. Part hippie and biker haven and part yuppie playground, Hermosa has a long history as a creative musical incubator. I grew up here, I surfed and drank and barfed and fought and played music here. I run Hermosa Records. Hermosa Records aspires to be the little record company that both blows and informs minds.

Our mission: to introduce a new generation of listeners to the possibilties of Improvised music. This is not the free-form be-bop atonal noise you might suspect. It is actually music that has form, holds together, tells a story and (usually) returns to its opening theme, but the journey along the way is chock full of strange turns, enexpected style shifts, key changes and plot twists. And all improvised on the spot! We specialize in live recordings of musicians playing in a room (gasp!) instead of highly produced 3 minute masterpieces of pop crafstmanship. Nothing against pop music, we are fans like anyone else, but we have something UNIQUE to offer. This unique music will, we hope, gain acceptance gradually. First people will laugh, then they'll hear the good musicianship, then they'll see the value of improv as a musical statement. That is our vision.

   In the summer of 1998, we released two compilation discs, as an introduction and as proof that we can search out good bands. Also to help out some deserving pals, to get their music heard. We rounded up over 30 bands, after sifting through over 100! We put a hodgepodge of styles on two discs:

The first Hermosa release, a compilation called In the Sam Hell, hints at the direction: Outside. Outside mainsteam. Outside Rock. We have some wild music in store for you. The tiny core of musicians and music fanatics (many are my friends ) that comprise Hermosa Records are obviously not fishing for a pop radio hit with this disc. Oh, well.

Our second compilation is called MENTAL SLAM DANCE a choice selection of 15 hot new bands from the clubs around LA. Compiled by Media Kitchen's John Wyman, this disc delivers the hard core and rock sounds you are looking for.

Read about the Big Jerks, Kashmir Quartet, Hardwood, and Chuck and the Morons. All these discs are in the style that we at Hermosa Records are hitching our aspirations to: Improv Music. All this stuff is performed in the time-honored tradition of impromptu story-telling and jamming. This stuff is the very BEST in its class, and will be considered the catalyst to what we believe is the new direction in rock, jazz and alternative music: Improv!

Go HERE to read about new discs from Cliche OK, Big Jerks and Nostrodamus.


Click around this site, you'll discover lots of new and interesting things. Our stable of great bands is growing, stay in touch!

 Wish me luck.

Brian Sisson, Big Shot/ Hermosa Records.




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